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SEC Filers
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SEC Filings Courses

Interactive Training Courses for SEC Filers

newLearnings offers several training courses for beginning, intermediate and advanced SEC filers. These interactive multimedia courses may be downloaded or ordered on CD. They use simple language combined with the latest learning technologies to explain key concepts, computer procedures and details, while maintaining interest in the subject matter and enhancing retention.

  • Well organized approach explains concepts in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Animated screen demos walk you through computer and software operations
  • Quizzes with immediate feedback verify understanding and enhance retention
  • Easy navigation through the course, with instant access to definitions and explanations
  • Effective and judicious use of audio, multimedia and other contemporary instructional technologies

Besides being useful as initial learning tools, these courses serve as convenient refreshers and for training new personnel.

SEC Filings - Basic Course

This course is meant for beginning and intermediate SEC filers. It covers the entire SEC filing process, including:

  • Registering as a filer with the SEC
  • Downloading EDGARlink and submission templates from the SEC web site
  • EDGARizing your documents and spreadsheets
  • Preparing and assembling your submission
  • Checking and validating your submission
  • Sending a filing to the SEC
  • Verifying the status of your submission

Price: $149

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SEC Filings - Advanced Course

This course is meant for intermediate and advanced SEC filers. It includes:

  • Securing filings using certificates and digital signatures
  • Modular and segmented filings
  • N-SAR filings
  • Bulk filings
  • HTML essentials for SEC filers
  • HTML "tips and tricks" to improve the apperance of SEC filings

Price: $195

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SEC Ownership filings course

This course is a real time-saver for beginning and intermediate Section 16 (ownership) filers. It uses simple language, screen animations and easy-to-follow interactive elements to explain the ownership filing process, including:
  • Registering as a filer with the SEC.
  • The basics of ownership (section 16) filings.
  • Differences between ownership and non-ownership filings.
  • Using the SEC's OnlineForms website.
  • Footnotes and attachments in ownership submissions.
  • User-prepared XML ownership submissions.
  • Verifing the status of an ownership submission.

By using animated screen demos, this course shows you exactly how to go through all the important procedures.

Price: $169

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